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Our Team

We love building products just for you


Team Leader

Rafael started blowing glass in 2011.   Once he knew he could learn how to blow glass he dove in headfirst and never looked back.  He started Multiverse Glass to help his family and friends have a better life and help them make money on their own.  He strides to have clean, nice work.  He may say he is not a boss, but he is a born leader, is a teacher and mentor to a lot of people.  Now he is a leader to two amazing daughters.


Kira started blowing glass in 2012.  She helps run the business and is Rafael partner in glass and in life.    Now she is a mother to two beautiful twin daughters.  Being a stay-at-home mom, her focus is now on wrapping the pipes Rafael makes.  She also runs the office and all accounting for the business.


benjaminjameson  started on this glass journey in the Spring of 2015 and just went to a full-time glass blower in November 2016.  He specializes in traditional techniques, like the wrap and rake and inside-out spoons.   Since he stopped working a "real job" his quality as skyrocketed and he focuses on having good, clean pieces.    He now is working out if house and raising a daughter with his wife.


RIP Buddy, he was the best mascot and shop dog.  He focused on eating, sleeping and getting loved by everyone.

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